VIDEOS. A mini snowstorm surprises the inhabitants of Nancy, in the middle of April

Snow is falling in Nancy, Tuesday April 6, 2021 (© Video capture / Nicolas Zaugra / Lorraine Actu)

The mini “storm” of snow lasted a little over an hour and the snowflakes held on to the ground in the metropolis of Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle).

Shortly before 8 p.m., a thin layer of snow covered the streets and roofs of the ducal city in streets emptied by the curfew. Météo France had forecast snow showers in the department which is still placed on yellow “snow-ice” vigilance.

The evening temperatures on Wednesday April 6, 2021 were suitable for snowfall.

The snow in the Grand Est, it’s over

The snow episode in the region is over, according to Météo France forecasts. The cold, meanwhile, will still persist overnight from Wednesday to Thursday with -2 ° to 0 ° C.

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Temperatures will rise for the weekend and this weekend. It will do up to 16°C with the return of the sun this Friday, April 9 over a large part of the Grand Est.

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