VIDEO. Ligue 1: TFC concedes a draw against Nice for their return to Ligue 1 despite the opener of Dallinga (1-1)

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Téfécé hosted OGC Nice this Sunday at the start of their Ligue1 campaign. The two teams left in a draw, 1-1. The Violets cracked late in the game after opening the scoring with Dallinga’s first goal.

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21′ : Opening of the TFC score! Branco van den Boomen crosses towards the goal on the left side, the ball falls between Dante and the Nice goalkeeper, Dallinga emerges and slightly deflects the ball with his foot, enough to deceive Bulka. 1-0

78′ : Nice equalization. Coming into play a few moments earlier, Aaron Ramsey equalized with a fine shot at the edge of the area. The Welshman scored his first goal in Ligue 1 on his first ball. 1-1

A people happy to find the elite

This Sunday August 7 marked the official return of the TFC to the elite of French football. And that was of course felt at the Toulouse Stadium. Despite the heat and the unusual schedule, more than 20,000 Toulouse supporters were present in the bays of “Little Wembley”.

From 11 a.m., Toulouse supporters showed up in large numbers to celebrate the return to Ligue 1. The atmosphere quickly rose in the stands before the Occitan anthem rang out. Toulouse had reconnected with its public in Ligue 2, and it is not about to stop in Ligue 1.

Dallinga full of promise

Thisj Dallinga landed on the banks of the Garonne with a title of best player in the Dutch second division with Excelcior but above all with a stratospheric season with 36 goals and 9 assists in 44 appearances. It didn’t take long to see the striker shine. Eager to show his skills, he multiplied calls behind Dante’s back, sometimes offside, before hitting the post in the 17th minute. Four minutes later, he unblocked his counter with a subtle deflection on a cross from Van den Boomen.

The 21-year-old Dutchman has everything of a complete modern attacker, fast, quite tall, devouring depth… his profile forced the Nice defense to go down a notch, sometimes cutting the team in two. His relationship with Branco van den Boomen could create sparks, his ability to trigger long balls from his defenders also provides opportunities, including if the TFC struggles to keep the leather. Probably the player to follow on the Ramier.

The teachings

Applied, voluntary, without complexes, aggressive (in a good way) for 75 minutes, the TFC will have held the score before seeing the rookie from Nice, Aaron Ramsey, equalize fifteen minutes from time. The Violets were not unworthy, and despite the score (1-1), their return to the top flight was rather successful, an encouraging performance. With a team almost identical to that aligned in Ligue 2, Dallinga replacing Healey, the TFC has shown that it is capable of competing with a European team and fifth in the last exercise.

In front of an audience happy to sing again in the elite of French football, the TFC did not deny its values ​​​​against a superior team on paper by trying to revive cleanly and taking the game on its own during its highlights. . A performance to be repeated next weekend against Troyes. The difference with the lower level is certainly at the end of the match where you have to be able to multiply your efforts despite fatigue. Can the TFC bench ensure continuity over an entire meeting?

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