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Video .. Hamou Beca for the Musicians Syndicate: Why is it being destroyed?

Spread Becca’s father-in-law The singer of popular festivals, a video on the social networking site, “Facebook”, in which he accused the Syndicate of Musical Professions by preventing him from singing. Pekka said through the video: “I address the Musicians Syndicate by asking why I am being destroyed, and that there are singers in Egypt who do not have permission to sing, yet they were not fought from He accepted the union, noting that he had recorded an episode with Al-Nahar channel on the occasion of the New Year’s season, but he was surprised that the union had sent directives to the channel not to broadcast it, and if the episode was broadcast, it would be broadcast without songs for him.

He added that there are singers appearing on other channels in the New Year’s celebrations, commenting: “I want to know the personal differences, I mean, you want me, oh, my job is destroyed, I go to suicide.”

The singer said during the video that he will resort to the State Council to file a lawsuit against the Musicians Syndicate, similar to the cancellation of his 16 concerts, and their contact with the Jordanian concert operators to stop the concerts.

Recently, Jordanian media and the Russia Network announced that the popular singer Hamu Beca was prevented from holding an artistic concert on New Year’s Eve in Aqaba.

Jordanian newspapers reported that Hussein Al-Khatib, head of the Jordanian Artists Association, said in press statements that the union will implement the decision issued to prevent the holding of the Bekaa feast ceremony in the New Year in Aqaba, confirming that the union has taken a decision to prevent any artistic activity of Becca in Jordan.

It is noteworthy that Hammoud Beca had recently performed a concert in Jordan, and Jordanian newspapers quoted statements by the Syndicate of Jordanian Artists Hussein Al-Khatib about the pledge of “Hamo Becca” to avoid “chaos” during his ceremony, and Al-Khatib said that a representative of “Hamo Beca” signed a pledge, before Days of holding the ceremony by “staying away from chastity”, during his concert in Amman.

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