VIDEO. A girl almost chokes on eating McDonald’s nuggets containing pieces of masks

dpa / T. Haas

Laura Arber was at McDonald’s with her children when she noticed her daughter painfully swallowing her chicken nuggets. As her daughter began to choke, the young woman put her fingers in her mouth, discovering that her dish contained pieces of the mask …

Maddie, a 6 year old girl, could well have choked if her mom hadn’t had the right reflexes. Laura Arber was going to McDonald’s in Aldershot, a small town in the United Kingdom, to pick up a meal that she would eat with her family at home.

When her children happily started enjoying their burgers, fries, and other fast food products, the mom noticed that her daughter Maddie was having trouble swallowing her nuggets. She also began to choke, causing a quick reaction from the mother, who put her fingers in her mouth.

She then found strange blue tips in Maddie’s mouth, as she told the Daily Mail: “I wondered what it was. I didn’t think it came from the chicken nuggets but looking at the box I noticed there was something blue about another nuggets. It’s like the mask was cooked with the nuggets, it’s part of the mix… and it’s clearly a mask. You can see the seam and how solid it is. “

The very angry mom

Neither one nor two, Laura returns to the fast-food restaurant to inform management of the incident. She is then surprised to learn that the nuggets are not cooked on the spot, and she does not receive the slightest apology from her interlocutors. “Before I left, I told them: are you going to continue serving them? And they kept doing it. What if I left the room and my little girl had suffocated? She could have died, ”the mother got angry.

The McDonald’s spokesperson told DailyMail that the fast food restaurant “is sorry to hear about their customer’s mishap”: “Food safety is very important to us and quality is controlled to exacting standards. When this story was reported to our team, we apologized, offered a full refund, and asked the customer to return the affected item to us so that we could investigate and isolate the affected product. “

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