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VIDEO ⟩ “Riga” players cause “Daugavpilij” the first loss of the season

“Riga” beat “Daugavpils” at home with a score of 2:0 (1:0), which had yet to experience a single loss this season.

In the first half, after less than three minutes played, Antoniis Cernomodis put Riga in the lead, who was passed to the front of the goal by Marco Regza after a corner kick.

At the end of the first half, Rinalds Aizups earned a penalty kick for Daugavpils, but the “pendulum” performed by Aleksej Golijanin was saved by “Riga” goalkeeper Nils Puriņš.

The home team managed to double their advantage only during the compensation period of the second half, when Regža scored.

Last season, the first match between them in Daugavpils ended in a draw (1:1), but the other three were won by “Riga”, defending their goal “in the dry”.

On Saturday, “Grobiņa”/LFS will meet “Metta” and “Jelgava” – with “Audu” at home, while “Valmiera” will host “Liepāja” on Sunday.

In the tournament table, “Riga” has 15 points in six matches, “Daugavpilij” has 11 points, RFS, “Valmiera” and “Tukums 2000″/”Telms” have won ten points in five matches, “Metta” has seven points, “Auda” has four points. , “Liepāja” has collected three points, “Grobiņa”/LFS got two points, and “Jelgava” has one point.

The Premier League championship with the participation of ten teams takes place in four rounds, with each team playing 36 games. 180 games are expected to be played until November 9.

Last season, RFS became the champion for the second time, which ensured victory only in the last round, winning over “Metta” team with 1:0.

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