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For an easier 14th week of the year: recipes for weekday dinners

Eating habits differ in different families, the reasons for this can be different – habits, different diets, product intolerances, just taste or dislike, so we invite you not to forget about creativity when looking at recipes – many dishes are more or less adaptable to family needs and tastes, so get ideas and have an easier week!

One evening can be devoted to preparing stuffed vegetables, and if you prepare more than you need for one meal, you can enjoy a delicious meal for several evenings. After cooking, store in the refrigerator and when you want to eat, just reheat.

For example, cook on Sunday and enjoy on Monday and Wednesday.

For pasta lovers

Pasta and sauce – many people like it and are popular because it does not require long hours at the stove to prepare. There will be two ideas:

For salad lovers

It is ideal if, while preparing a meal for one day, you can think of a preparation for another. For example, you can eat pasta with sauce on one day, and leave some for the next day to make a salad that is suitable for both dinner and a lunch box.


The menu should be varied. There should also be a place for soup. And soups are great: the bigger the rake, the fewer meals you’ll have to think about in the coming days.

A treat, or we deserve something sweet!

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