VIDEO⟩ One accurate shot is not enough – Riga “Dinamo” loses again – KHL – Hockey

Amur hockey players, on the other hand, achieved their first success this season. The Khabarovsk team stopped a series of six losses.

Andrew O’Brien received a 2 + 10 minute penalty for a dangerous game in the head and neck area at the very beginning of the game, but the home team discovered the result less than seven minutes later. On the blue line at the puck was Sergei Tereshchenko, whose shot was not seen by Ilya Proskurjakov – 0: 1. In the continuation of the period, both teams practiced a style of games rich in rejections, but the Rigans were unable to equalize the result, while Proskurjakovs repeatedly saved his unit from a larger deficit.

Also in the second period, the majority belonged to the housewives, who reached 2: 0 in the last minute of the third. The numerical majority was realized by Valentin Pjanov. In the final 20 minutes, there was dynamic hockey at both ends of the field. Dinamo scored about five minutes before the end of the game, when Denis Parshin, already lying on the ice, passed to Ellis, who was flawless from a close distance.

In the past, O’Braiens’s Denisu Golubevu player had to be carried off on a stretcher in agony. However, Paršins did not manage to connect with it, as his team mates had hoped, and the ball went out.

“Dinamo” made 40 shots in this duel against the opponents’ goal. “Amur” blocked 17 “dynamic” throws in this duel, while the Rigans got in the way of the puck eight times.

Although “Dinamo” is one of the best majority in KHL at the beginning of the season, none of the five options were realized on Wednesday.

The people of Riga have won one victory in four games at the beginning of the season. First, with the debut of the head coach Pēteris Skudrs, “Dinamo” conceded to the Kazakh team Nursultana “Baris” 2: 3 at home, in the next match 1: 3 admitted the superiority of the goalkeeper Jānis Kalniņš represented by Helsinki “Jokerit”, but in the third game 4: 3 attacker Kaspars Daugaviņš represented by the Moscow region “Vitjaz”.

Meanwhile, in the first away game, the Rigans missed a three-goal lead and conceded 3: 4 with Novosibirsk’s “Sibirj”.

Dinamo did not play their fourth home game against Neftehimik in Nizhny Novgorod last Friday, as four guests from Russia, shortly after arriving in Latvia, were diagnosed with Covid-19. This fight has been postponed indefinitely.

Amur has already suffered six losses this season. The season started with a loss against Cherepovets’ Severstal (4: 6), but also lost to Yaroslavl’s Lokomotiv, Omsk’s Avangard, Magnitagorsk’s Metallurg, as well as Moscow’s CSKA and Dynamo teams.

KHL’s two teams have played each other 29 times before this duel, of which “Dinamo” has won in 15 games. Last season, in both meetings, the Riga team was superior, winning once in overtime, but a second time in “bulls”.

Pēteris Skudra and his assistants have taken them to these games: goalkeepers – Stanislavs Galimovs, Ilya Proskurjakovs and Bruno Brūveris; guards – Matthew Mayon, Morgan Ellis, Kristaps Sotnieki, Kristaps Zīlis, Ondržejs Vitasek, Andrew O’Brien, Ernest Ošenieks, Rice Scarlet and Jānis Jaks; attackers – Lauri Dārziņš, Mika Indraši, Mikēlis Rēdlihs, Zekas Mičels, Konstantins Komareks, Gints Meijs, Mārtiņš Dzierkala, Emīls Ģegers, Daniels Bērziņš, Renārs Krastenbergs, Patrick Zabusovs, Denis Paršins, Pāvels Vaernovs.

Due to a minor injury, the attacker Jesse Lipon remained in Riga, as did the recently signed attackers Gennady Stolarov and Eugene Gračov. Roberts Mamčics will continue to play in the farm club “Zemgale” / LLU, but the young Reinis Liepiņš, Deniss Fjodorovs, Kaspars Ziemiņš, Danila Larionovs are in the team of the Russian Youth Hockey League (MHL) “Riga”.

In July, Latvian specialist Pēteris Skudra was appointed the head coach of “Dinamo”, but he is assisted by the head coach of the Russian Youth Hockey League (MHL) team “Rīga” last season Raimonds Vilkoits and his assistant Aleksandrs Nizhivijs. This week, the team led by Skudra was joined by Russian defender Dmitry Parhomenko, Belarusian goalkeeper specialist Andrei Kudin and video coach from Russia Igor Makarov.

Last season, “Dinamo” took the penultimate place in the Western Conference and in the entire league, not qualifying for the Gagarin Cup for the sixth year in a row.


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