VIDEO⟩ “I saw something like this for the first time!” Near Sigulda, a driver “strikes” on the highway for years – Society and politics – News

Looking at the footage taken by an eyewitness, the same conclusions are reached, as the authors of the video have repeatedly expressed – the Volkswagen driver is completely drunk sitting behind the wheel. Fortunately, the police were nearby in this situation, and the journey ended in seven minutes.

But the biggest surprise in this story is not that on the way home you may encounter such a crazy driver, but what the police found after the stop.

The gentleman, who was sitting behind the wheel, was clear as a crystal, and he was not completely intoxicated.

However, the police have initiated three administrative cases against him – for using the phone at the wheel, for unreasonable entry into the opposite lane, endangering other road users, as well as for non-observance of road signs.

Video: “Degpunkta” story


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