Vice President recommends applying a fourth dose of the covid-19 vaccine to counteract the increase in infections

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, yesterday urged the population to apply a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine as a reinforcement to cope with the increase in the spread of the disease.

This was announced by the deputy president during a tour of the facilities of the seventh “Health Route” organized by the Ministry of Public Health that took place in the Simón Orozco Sports Center in the Housing sector in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este.

“I make a call to the entire national population that complete your vaccination schedule because thank God, the variant that we have right now is a variant that if one is vaccinated, it will be asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms”, she highlighted when intervened by members of the press.

“The government has made a great effort so that we all have our fourth dose”, Peña insisted, reiterating to everyone to complete the vaccination schedule with a booster dose.

Pharmaceutical contracts

He also announced that the negotiations with the pharmaceutical companies that contracted vaccines and failed to comply so that they supply the country with different necessary medicines to replace the doses are already being finalized.

“We have been doing a series of negotiations that are already being concretized and we will be able to establish to start receiving the medicines that the Dominican population needs and that these pharmaceutical companies produce with a lot of quality”, he expressed at the end

He also emphasized that “They will defend what was signed until the last moment” in the contracts that the government made with pharmaceutical companies to acquire vaccines against covid-19 during its incidence and thus initiate immunization of the disease to counteract it.

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Regarding the “Health Route”, the also coordinator of the Health Cabinet said that the government’s objective is to bring citizens closer to the different medical services that during the pandemic were neglected.

“After Covid, all of us neglected preventive care a little and we are motivating people to come and get checked, and any situation later in the hospitals is going to be dealt with correctly,” he said.

Increase in cases

The Ministry of Public Health reported another 466 cases of coronavirus yesterday, bringing the total to 966 in the last two days after a total of 500 new infections were reported on Friday.

In the same epidemiological bulletin number 800, 9,121 samples were processed, of which 466 were positive, for a daily positivity rate of 9.19%.

The total number of cases registered during the pandemic in the Dominican Republic is 583,159, of which 1,806 are active cases.

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