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“Very Cool People” brings Biksti to the world in the new video

The relentlessly active domestic association “Very Cool People” has made a new video for the composition from the band’s new album “50 Years of Influence + 30 Years of Cool Equals 13 Years of Music Hooliganism” – it’s called “Alone in Biksti”.

If so far “Very Cool People” surprised with many and attractive images, gorgeous costumes and / or active activities, flickering frame shifts, etc. in their videos, then the video for the song “Alone in Biksti” will surprise you that it gandrīz does not happen almost nothing. Half of the video “VCP” leader Elvijs Grafcovs looks around thoughtfully and greedily smokes a cigar (moreover, he does so so much and actively that when he sees this clip, Dr. Peter Apinis will be forced to take a pocket after vbalidola…), but the other half plays guitar and runs In the direction of Biksti station.

The story of “Alone in Biksti” is as follows. When “Very Cool People” go to play concerts in Liepāja and drive through Biksti, the members of the group have a tradition of beating each other, thus waking those who are asleep and quite annoying those who have weaker nerves. “Traditions must be followed,” says Elvis, the band’s spiritual leader and guitarist. “Besides, when driving back to Riga, whether it be at night, when everyone is tired after the concert, or the next day, when everyone is even more tired after the night party, everyone in Biksti is panted as long as we are within the village.”

In the composition “Alone in Biksti”, the group tells about a musician who came to Biksti alone and who has nothing to beat. “The sweet face of the song is therefore about the harsh reality, when you are already completely alone and then it turns out that Bikstos. However, the exhilarating part of the piece gives a sense that it is not over yet, and gives us joyful hope that the main character will once again come to Biksti with his comets to knock, ”explains the group’s PR camp. “According to an old Latvian belief, if you have a raven in Liepāja on Rīgas Street or in Rīga on Liepājas Street, then for two years it will be decided to go through Biksti alone,” Elvijs summarizes the ideological analysis of the new composition by quoting our folklore.

The video version of the single has once again been created by the group’s trumpet player Oskars Ozoliņš, with the plot and some directing lines also helping Elvijs, who is also the author of the new composition. “This composition is like a mixture of my various musical influences – Ennio Morricone mixed with ‘Dire Straits’ with ‘gypsy jazz’ combined with ‘Too Many Zooz’.” It should be noted that Tālis Timrots himself was at the recording desk – in the “Mints Music” studio in Riga.

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