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1 Dec 10:54

With goalkeeper Sean Johnson in a hero suit, New York City FC beat New England Revolution 5-3 on penalties on Tuesday, after a 2-2 draw, and advanced to the final of the MLS Eastern Conference.

Jesús Medina was a starter in the celestial team and participated in several clear scoring occasions, but could not convert. After great wear and tear, he was substituted in the 11th minute of the first overtime.

It should be remembered that in the other conference, that of the West, Cristhian Paredes also entered the final with the Portland Timbers, so a Paraguayan duel can be given in the grand final for the MLS Cup.

Johnson made a magnificent save off Polish New England forward Adam Buksa before Alex Callens scored the winning penalty to complete a 5-3 victory on penalty shootouts.

Fourth-seeded New York will face the Philadelphia Union on Sunday for a spot in the MLS championship game against Portland Timbers or Real Salt Lake, who will host the Western Conference final on Saturday. It is the first time in its history that the New York team have reached a conference final.

A gripping game came to penalties after a dramatic period of overtime, in which Argentine forward Valentin Castellanos put New York ahead 2-1 in the 109th minute.

But the game changed just four minutes later when Castellanos was sent off after getting a second yellow card for an ill-timed onslaught on Revs defender Brandon Bye. The red one leaves him out of Sunday’s game in Philadelphia.

That expulsion changed the trend of the contest. New England charged for a draw, and Canadian international Tajon Buchanan struck out with a volley in the 118th minute to tie the score 2-2.

There was still time for New England to almost clinch the victory, but Johnson flipped a shot from Buksa to ensure the game went to penalties.

– Dominion of NYC –

The game had gone into overtime after both sides finished 90 minutes tied at 1-1.

New York dominated possession, with the movement of its skillful South American front line formed by Uruguayan Santiago Rodríguez, Argentine Maxi Moralez, Paraguayan Jesús Medina and Castellanos causing problems for New England’s defense.

City’s incisive attacking play paid off after just three minutes, when a deft pass from Paraguayan international Medina freed teenager Tayvon Gray’s right-back.

A center from the 19-year-old found Rodríguez in space and the Uruguayan swept home with a forceful shot.

But New England responded almost immediately, equalizing in the ninth minute with a header from Buksa, following a Carles Gil free kick from the right.

Boston, United States. AFP.


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Closing 2021

1 Dec 1:16 PM

The championship match of the Clausura Tournament between Guaraní – Cerro Porteño, will be played this Saturday, December 4 at 8:30 p.m. in Dos Bocas. The aurinegros members are already exchanging their tickets.

If the 50% capacity is maintained, Barça fans will have at their disposal a total of 150 tickets to buy. But if the “legendary” order is accepted, the amount for cyclonic supporters will go up.

From 150, the tickets available will become 200, but that will depend on the Ministry of Health approving the request of the “Cacique”, who asked that the full capacity of the stage be enabled.

“It changes, but not so much. I don’t know if 100 or 150, that is already handled by other people. I don’t think there will be 200 tickets, the capacity is almost 7 thousand spectators,” President Juan Alberto Acosta explained to Versus Radio.

The mechanism will be that Guaraní gives the tickets to the Cerro leadership and these will adjust to their regulations to sell to their fans or partners. The price of each ticket is determined by the local club.


Paraguayan Soccer

1 Dec 1:14 PM

The president of Sol de América, Miguel Figueredo, referred to the use of VAR in Paraguayan soccer, after a suggestion from his colleague, Juan Alberto Acosta, Guaraní boss, who considers that the use of technology is an “expense unnecessary “that does not solve arbitration problems.

“I don’t know whether to blame the VAR, technology is like a tool to help, I would blame those who are in charge of interpreting the plays. The VAR as a tool is valid, what is not working is the human part that handles that, “Figueredo assured VERSUS radio on 970AM.

At another point in the talk, the solense manager was concerned about the appointment of José Méndez as referee for this Wednesday’s game against Olimpia, for the final of the 2021 Paraguay Cup.

“I am concerned about the refereeing, that it starts with fouls that are not, that it makes our players nervous, several times we suffered with this referee (José Méndez), they just put him in a final. But we have something to fight with, we are confident “, he manifested.

-Special request-

Figueredo considers that a good alternative to trying to shake up Paraguayan refereeing is to bring foreign referees to some matches, as was done at some point.

“If it continues like this (due to arbitration errors), more radical measures must be taken. It is not a bad idea to bring some arbitration shortlist from outside to see if we can improve something,” he commented and even gave as an example the time that a Japanese refereeing shortlist was brought in. “They were not out of tune, they were not bad.”

Finally, he acknowledged that more and more clubs are dissatisfied with the work of Horacio Elizondo, Director of the Referees Department of the Paraguayan Soccer Association.

“I imagine that the continuity of Horacio Elizondo will be discussed, because there are already many voices about his continuity,” he said.



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