Veronika Arichteva on vacation with her sister: A huge fear for Katka’s life

Actress Veronika Arichteva didn’t know for a long time if she should go on holiday to the sea at all. Finally, she set off with her older sister Katka. It has changed a lot in a few years and has lost a lot of weight. Although Veronika almost never talks about her, years ago she made an exception because Kateřina suffered from insidious breast cancer.

Veronika Arichteva, who last played in the series Slunečná, has been debating for some time whether she should go abroad. “I felt I needed it. But I wondered for a long time if it was an unnecessary luxury at this time and I should rather think about what Luke needs. But he seems to have needed it too, “Arichteva wrote about the social media contribution.

Sea, sand in a bathing suit and sister

The actress finally found out that she was afraid completely unnecessarily. “Yeah, and you scared me unnecessarily, Mother. A holiday with a child is a completely different holiday, but it is still a holiday. Because the sea, the sand in a swimsuit, food, drink, the sun, a sister and so on, “added Veronika, who enjoyed her stay by the sea with her mother and Katka.” Sister, thanks for coming with me. The last time we were The sea in Egypt was still in the days of our young skin. It was a slightly different holiday that I would have, but this one with the children was just as better, “Arichteva confessed with emotion.

The actress also values ​​her time with her family because her older sister Katka once overcame dangerous breast cancer. It happened eleven years ago. Catherine was only twenty-eight at the time when she gave birth to her first daughter. After half a year, doctors unexpectedly found a large tumor in her breast. Katka therefore had to do everything to recover.

We were overwhelmed and drank dolls

“It was a hormonal change after giving birth. I was driving from filming when my mom called me to come see her. First she poured me a shot and then she told me. We were both overwhelmed and we drank more of those shots that day. The series of chemotherapies lasted about a year and a half, and the nurse recovered. Today he only takes some hormonal drugs and goes for an examination once every six months, so far everything has always been fine, “she told the daily. Aha! Arichteva years ago at the opening of the Hands on Breast Foundation, which was supported by the already healed Katka.

According to the latest photos that Veronika shared on the social network, it is clear that Katka has lost a lot of weight recently. While years ago she had fuller shapes, today she works as a model with a beautifully slender figure. On the other hand, Veronika remained faithful to her famous humor and calmly let herself be photographed with a postpartum belly. “Well, I’ll take photos like that home. And yeah, I have a belly and I’m not afraid to use it, “the actress jokingly added to the photos from the sea.

The last time Veronika was with her sister Katka by the sea was fifteen years ago.



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