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Verizon Forward Program: Six Months of Free Home Internet for Low-Income Residents – What You Need to Know

To expand Internet access, Verizon is offering six months of free home Internet service to new customers through the Verizon Forward program. This promotion is aimed at qualified low income residents to bridge the digital divide.

What does the free internet plan include?

Free Internet offer applies to Verizon 5G Home, LTE Home and Fios 300 Mbps Internet plans. This allows new subscribers to choose the option that best suits their needs, whether it’s ultra-fast 5G speeds or a reliable Fios fiber connection. Specifically, Call Centers have a one-time fee of $99, but no other plans.

The free service period lasts for six months and starts after installation and activation. The discount is then reflected as a credit on the customer’s bill within a billing cycle or two. This is a limited time offer with an activation date of September 3, 2024.

To qualify for Verizon Forward and its free six-month Internet offer, new Verizon Internet customers must meet certain eligibility criteria. This includes receiving Federal Pell Grants within the past year or participating in a qualified government assistance program within the past 180 days.

Although the government’s Affordable Connection Program (ACP) will soon end, Verizon is assuring existing ACP customers that their current discounts will continue.

What happens after six months of free home internet?

After the free six months, customers will be upgraded to standard Verizon Internet plans. Verizon Forward plans typically start at $20 per month, but the exact price depends on the specific plan you choose and any additional discounts you qualify for.

Overall, Verizon’s free home internet offering is a welcome solution for budget-conscious families. With a variety of plans to choose from and the ability to combine the offer with other discounts, Verizon Forward could be a game changer for those looking for affordable internet access.

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