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Vélez Sarsfield Defeats Arsenal 1-0 in Sebastián Méndez’s Debut as Coach of ‘Fortín’

Vélez Sarsfield (21 points) got oxygen this Friday in his fight to escape to the bottom of the table, by defeating bottom team Arsenal (17) 1-0, in the debut of Sebastián Méndez as coach of “Fortín”.

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In one of the previews of the 22nd. On the date of the Professional League (LPF) tournament, Liniers’ team ended a 13-match winless streak in the local tournament (6 draws, 7 losses) and leveled Independiente’s line, in 24th. Place of positions.

The admitted Santiago Castro, 32 minutes into the second period, stamped a half scissor in the area and overcame the resistance of the visiting goalkeeper, Alejandro Medina, to guarantee a celebrated and necessary victory.

The Velezano public lived a day of relief in the debut of “Gallego” Méndez as DT, after the controversial departure from Unión de Santa Fe to return to the club that formed him sportingly.

Due to the urgency of one and the other, the two coaching staffs opposed similar tactical schemes: 5-3-2, which became 3-4-1-2 in the case of “Fortín” or 3-4-2-1 in the cast of the Viaduct, when the two deployed in attack.

In this context, those led by “Gallego” Méndez had a hard time abstracting themselves from the climate of tension prevailing in the stands. The local players quickly entered the maelstrom and played “to the rhythm of the bass drums”, as they say vulgarly. Then the mistakes began to happen.

Arsenal took note of these states of confusion and took advantage of Lautaro Guzmán’s speed to sow anxiety to the Uruguayan Burián’s fence.

However, the two clearest chances for Sarandí’s team came almost in a row, between 18 and 20 minutes, when the Colombian Flabián Londoño was very close to scoring.

On the first occasion, the striker, on loan from River Plate, beat Giannetti in speed and dispatched a shot that bounced off the post. In the second, the attacker won before the goalkeeper came out and sent a pumped shot, which was subtracted on the line by Valentín Gómez.

To all this, Vélez looked sleepy. And only when the ball passed through the feet of the kid Prestianni, the local team set off the alarms, since the youth not only acted as driver but also encouraged himself to furrow down the right wing.

But the cast of Liniers found it difficult to develop fluid circuits and everything depended on individual arrests. The first half ended with a blank score.

In the second half, the match leveled off. The two teams began to take care of themselves a little more, they did not leave themselves unprotected by going to look for the unevenness in an excessive way.

The kid Prestianni kept trying and hit a shot from outside the area, which went just wide.

And around 32m, a climb by Francisco Ortega from the left allowed a pirouette by the admitted Castro, who inserted a pair of scissors and declared the victory of Vélez.

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Velez Sarsfield: Leonardo Burian; Joaquín García, Patricio Pernicone, Lautaro Giannetti, Valentín Gómez and Francisco Ortega; Christian Ordonez, Juan Ignacio Mendez and Gianluca Prestianni; Abiel Osorio and Lucas Janson. DT: Sebastian Mendez.

Arsenal: Alexander Medina; Lucas Souto, Nestor Breitenbruch, Joaquin Pombo, Maximilian Centurion and Adrian Sporle; Felipe Peña Biafore, Gonzalo Muscia and Lucas Brochero; Lautaro Guzman and Flabian London. DT: Frederick Vilar.

Goal in the second half: 32m. Castro (VS)

Changes in the second half: 21m. Jose Florentin by Ordonez and Santiago Castro by Janson (VS); 28m. John Ignatius Peinipil by Brochure (A); 37m. Nicholas Garayalde by John I. Mendez and Thomas Guidara by J. Garcia (VS); Facundo Cardozo for Sporle and Tobias Zarate for Breitenbruch (A); 43m. Walter Bou by Prestianni (VS)

Booked: Pombo, Muscia, Souto (A)

Stadium: Jose Amalfitani

Referee: Ariel Penel.

Source: Telam.

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