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Torrential Rain in Xiangxi, Hunan: Citizens Hold Groups on the Streets to Rescue Each Other amidst Heavy Downpour

Torrential rain in Xiangxi, Hunan: Citizens hold groups on the streets to rescue each other

Haike News, CCTV News 2023-06-30 21:51:22

Citizens huddled together to rescue each other on the street, and netizens photographed the moment of landslide. May peace be upon you!

On June 30, the urban area of ​​Baojing County and many surrounding towns in Xiangxi, Hunan suffered heavy rain. The Baojing County Meteorological Observatory issued a red warning of heavy rain in towns and towns at 12:35 today: The rainfall in Baojing County in the past 12 hours has reached 279 mm, breaking the daily record of 189.2 mm in Baojing on July 4, 1980. Heavy rainfall caused damage to houses and crops in some villages and towns. The local fire rescue brigade quickly assembled and rushed to Baojing County, Qianling Town, Bier Town and other places with rescue equipment, and used high-altitude slings and rubber boats to transfer the trapped people to resettlement sites in an orderly manner. At present, more than 1,120 people have been safely transferred from 12 townships in the county, including Wanmipo Town and Yangchao Township.

At 1 a.m. on June 30, there was a sudden heavy rainfall in Guzhang County, western Hunan. As of 11 a.m. today, the average rainfall in the county was 124.8 mm, and the largest rainfall site was Hongshilin Station. The amount exceeds 250mm.

The heavy rainfall caused a large amount of water to spread on the roads in the Guzhang County area. In some major road sections, a large amount of sand and stones were washed onto the road surface through the drainage channels beside the road. road section. A large area of ​​landslides and mudslides occurred in Tongmingshan Tunnel, Guluo Avenue, Xincheng District, Guzhang County. A large amount of sand and gravel poured from the top of the tunnel entrance to the tunnel road below under the erosion of rainwater, forming a large area of ​​​​blocking surface, causing temporary interruption of road traffic. After urgent risk elimination by relevant departments, at present, half of the Tongmingshan Tunnel has been rushed through, and unilateral traffic is implemented.

At present, the rainfall in Baojing County and Guzhang County is still continuing, and the living security of the transferred people and the work of epidemic prevention and disinfecting at the resettlement sites are proceeding simultaneously.

Source | Haike News, CCTV News
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