Valeria’s daughter-in-law in skinny jeans and a blouse went to a restaurant with Shulgin

Liana decided to arrange a romantic with her lover on the eve of February 14.

Liana Shulgina. Photo:

Valeria not so long ago became a grandmother. Only last year, she married her son Arseny Shulgin. The young businessman had a wedding with his beloved Liana. And soon the couple stopped hiding that they were waiting for replenishment. On New Year’s Eve, the granddaughter of the singer Celine was born. Now the girl is shrouded in care and love. 22-year-old Arseniy now she works even more to support her family and pamper not only my wife, but also my daughter.

Liana recently arranged the first photo session for the baby. Girl loves dress up the heiress… She has to be with the child almost all the time. She admitted that the child now does not allow her to get enough sleep. Almost all night she has to lull the baby to sleep. However, on February 13, Shulgin arranged a date for his beloved. They went to dinner at a fashionable restaurant in Moscow. For such an occasion, Valeria’s daughter-in-law dressed up in skinny jeans and a white blouse.

“I left Selinka-malinka,” she admitted.

Liana Shulgina. Photo:

Liana’s grandmother looks after the child. And the girl herself tasted delicious dishes and enjoyed coffee, which she did not drink during pregnancy.

“A lyubimka was waiting for me,” she said.

The couple decided to devote the whole evening to each other on the eve of Valentine’s Day. After the restaurant they came to one of the best Four Seasons hotels.

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