Valentino Rossi’s Comments After Experiencing the New Circuit in Portugal: Horrified! All pages – Ahead of the French MotoGP, 16 MotoGP riders and test riders have the opportunity to try out the new circuit in Portugal, the Algarve Circuit, Wednesday (17/10/2020).

Valentino Rossi became one of 10 MotoGP riders who had experience racing there. The other six riders are test riders.

The Algarve Circuit, Portimao, Portugal, is planned to be the location for the closing of the 2020 MotoGP series on November 20-22.

Rossi using a Yamaha R1M sport motorbike on the occasion.

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The R1M motorbike is one of the Yamaha motorbikes on the market.

However, when trying on a familiar circuit known as The Portimao Circuit That, the R1M is designed like a racing motorbike that The Doctor often uses to race in MotoGP.

According to The Doctor, the nickname Rossi, the Algarve Circuit is quite challenging for a racer.

There are several points that make him shudder with the fast bend model. No wonder he calls it like a rollercoaster.

Even though it felt quite terrible, the aging racer enjoyed his experience at Portimao.

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“It’s because the track is difficult, technical, and there are 3-4 points which is quite terrible because you get high jumps,” Rossi was quoted as saying GP One.

“Overall it feels good to ride here and I really enjoy it. So the circuit is very good,” explained Valentino Rossi.

“This circuit is really good. I really like it because it looks difficult on television but in fact it is better,” he said.

The Algarve circuit is unique in that it has a variety of different elevations in almost all parts of the circuit.

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Rossi himself predicts that it will be more difficult to race at Portimao on a MotoGP bike.

More power, said Rossi, will make it difficult to avoid the wheelie or when the front tire of the motorbike is lifted.

“Of course with a MotoGP bike it will be more difficult because the speed is higher,” said the winner of the five Portuguese GP races.

“At 3-4 points where you experience big changes in altitude, with a MotoGP bike it will be more difficult to stay on the asphalt,” he concluded.


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