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Vadhir and Aitana Derbez sing in English; this was her show on YouTube

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During this period of confinement, the comedian’s children Eugenio Derbez They have become popular social media celebrities, whether in YouTube, TikTok on Instagram, the actors manage to surprise their followers with their funny videos. On this occasion, Vadhir Derbez he joined his sister Aitana To perform a song in English, the cute clip surprised his fans and even went viral.

Through his channel in YouTube, Vadhir Derbez shared a music video alongside Aitana, the smallest of the Derbez dynasty. Celebrities joined their voices to sing “Dance Monkey”, a successful song by the Australian singer-songwriter Tones and I which is usually heard in various clips of TikTok.

In the almost four-minute video, Vadhir Derbez He appears playing the guitar sitting next to his sister Aitana, who demonstrated her great ability to sing in English and his passion for music.

This is how Internet users react to the duo of Vadhir and Aitana

Netizens viewed the video as a cute version of the Tones and I song and praised the connection between Eugenio Derbez’s children. In just six hours, the clip already has more than one million 180 thousand reproductions.

“Aitana sings much better than I did in my 20s”, “Vadhir’s face proud of his sister, is the most tender”, “I’m going to die of tenderness”, were some of the comments that his fans left on YouTube.

Without a doubt, it is a very different video from the ones that Vadhir Derbez usually shares on his YouTube, where he makes confessions of his private life.


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