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Vaccination keeps pace in Euskadi, “without alarm” by Kraken

Vaccination in the Basque Country maintains a gradual pace, Despite the international rebound in covid-19 in recent weeks, where the focus has been on the new variant Kraken, as well as the spike in infections in China after the end of the restrictions.

However, the situation in the BAC is different, where the Minister of Health Gotzone Sagardui assures that there is no cause for alarm about the new variant.

In fact, all the figures for the pandemic continue to point to a downward trend even after the Christmas holidays. And it is that according to the latest bulletin published yesterday by the Department of Health, there are currently 103 people admitted to the covid plan, and 15 in the ICUs, six less than what was registered in the previous Osakidetza report.

And the infections and the accumulated incidence reflect that every time fewer cases of covid are registered.

Thus, Sagardui stressed that the high number of vaccinated people means they are in “a better starting situation than on other occasions when they have presented new variants” and insisted that “we must undoubtedly remain vigilant, but today the situation in Euskadi is observance, vigilance and being prepared but there are no special causes for alarm on that part.”

Now, 32.8% of the Basque population has received both booster doses, while last week that figure was 32.1%. On the other hand, a total of 1,298,016 people over the age of 18 have received the first booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine and 425,202 have received the second, according to data collected in the covid vaccination newsletter. -19 published this Monday by the Department of Health of the Basque Government. Without taking the booster dose into account, the immunization rate in the Basque Country for the population of legal age is 92.8%, although it exceeds 96% among those over 70 years of age.

Covid deaths drop

The data registered in the last week are notably more positive than those achieved last year after Christmas. And it is that in the same week of January 2022 those admitted to the Basque ICUs were around 80, and 66 deaths were registered in front of the 10 people who have died from covid in the last seven daysone less than last week.

Likewise, the drop in detected cases and the incidence of the virus is reflected in hospital centers where the number of admissions remains low. Right now, 103 people remain admitted to the plant47 less than seven days ago.

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