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Should I vaccinate my puppy or not? – Our conclusion

Vaccinating puppies is not compulsory in Germany, but is strongly recommended to dog owners by the Standing Vaccination Commission for Veterinary Medicine (StIKo Vet). As puppies, dogs have an immune system that is not yet resilient and that needs to be strengthened first. If you want to give your animal a healthy start in the dog’s life and specifically protect it from specific diseases, you can have it vaccinated as a puppy and keep regular appointments for revaccinations.

Apart from that, dogs are required to be vaccinated in many EU countries. If you want to travel abroad with your dog from Germany, you must be able to show a valid vaccination certificate at the border. In order to keep track of things and to be well prepared, we offer policyholders a travel service that is included in every Helvetia dog insurance package. In addition to information about vaccination regulations abroad, we are also at your side with words and deeds regarding entry and quarantine regulations.

If you opt for comfort protection, you can also take advantage of the health flat rate of up to 70 euros per year without a deductible to have your puppy vaccinated. The fact that the flat rate is available annually means that it can also be used for costs that arise in connection with booster vaccinations.

At Helvetia, we put the well-being of your dog first and would like to help you financially with any necessary treatments for your faithful four-legged friend. But we are also happy to advise you on further questions about the health of your pet – whether puppy or adult dog.

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