Vacation in Italy: rare shark sighted

Holidays in Italy: amazing animal spotted! You have never seen a shark like this – “Ugly fish, poor guy”

Unusual find on the Italian coast. (Symbol image)

Photo: IMAGO / Westend61

Unique sight in the holiday in Italy!

Who at this point vacation on the island of Elba (Italy) was able to see a species of shark that is rarely seen …

Vacation in Italy: rare shark stranded in the harbor

Fortunately, in this case the animal did not frighten any bather. On August 19, his carcass was washed up in the port of Portoferraio on the Italian island of Elba, not on the beach.

Unusual terrain, because these sea creatures actually live at depths of up to 700 meters. Its habitat is probably also the reason for its eerie appearance.

Because this animal looks a bit like the cross between a shark and a hippopotamus. A round body, a pig-like snout, thick bags under the eyes: a bizarre sight.

Holidays in Italy: this animal is really rarely seen

But deep below sea level there is so little light anyway that the optical aspects hardly play a role when looking for a partner ….


Interesting facts about Italy:

  • is a country in southern Europe and a member of the EU
  • the capital is Rome, payments are made in euros
  • with Vatican City and San Marino, two small states are completely enclosed by Italy
  • die Nationalhymne heißt “The Song of the Italians”
  • is the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites


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In fact, the washed up animal is not a crazy cross between fish and mammals, but a “spotted sea sow”, which belongs to the genus of pig sharks.

A photo of the creepy creature was published on the Facebook page “Isola d’Elba App” on September 3rd.

Vacation in Italy: this is how people react to the creature

At least the bizarre shark can only inspire people to a certain extent. “Poor creature”, “ugly fish, poor guy” or “What an ugly creature” write a number of vacationers under the Facebook post.


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However, some underwater friends are also enthusiastic about this bizarre-looking shark. “I’ve never seen anything like it. The nature is really impressive, ”comments one woman. One man writes: “Poor little guy. He had such a cute face … “

After all: More than 600 people have already commented on the photos on the Facebook page. The post is likely to have at least brought a lot of attention to the endangered sea sow. (vh)

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