Uslu: broadcaster ON is independent, but is not allowed to broadcast everything | Inland

The State Secretary received questions from a large number of parties from the House of Representatives about the population theories that the Flemish politician Filip Dewinter was allowed to express “uncontested” according to the House. According to this conspiracy theory, Western society is slowly being replaced by (mostly Muslim) immigrants with a non-Western background.

“The independence of broadcasters is a great asset,” Uslu said on Friday. “I shouldn’t get involved in the content.” According to her, Ongehoord Nederland has to comply with the Media Act and journalistic codes. So there are limits to what the broadcaster is allowed to broadcast. Complaints about the broadcaster had previously been received by the ombudsman of the Dutch Public Broadcasting, who is investigating this.

MPs are concerned because the repopulation theory has also been linked to a series of attacks in recent years. This also applies to the shooting in Buffalo earlier this month, in which an 18-year-old American opened fire on mainly black people in a supermarket out of racist convictions. The perpetrator published a manifesto expressing his concerns about “the racial and cultural substitution of the European people.”

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