US resident washed lottery ticket and lost $ 26 million


American woman lost a huge lottery win due to washing

The period during which a woman could qualify for the payment expired on 13 May. She was never able to prove the fact of buying a ticket.

The American woman accidentally washed a lottery ticket with clothes and lost her $ 26 million winnings. This was reported by the TV channel KTLA.

It is noted that a California resident purchased a winning SuperLotto Plus ticket on November 14 last year at a gas station in Norwalk. She could apply for the money for six months.

She recently returned to the store and said that she put the ticket in her pocket and then washed it along with her clothes.

The records from the store’s security cameras were handed over to the lottery representatives, but the identity of the winner could not be confirmed: a new version was made over the original version of the video.

As reported, the deadline for receiving the application for the prize expired on May 13. In a situation where the payment is not applied, it is transferred to California schools.

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