US Republicans Divided on Sending More Aid to Ukraine; Zelensky’s Visit Risks Deepening Split

US Republicans Divided on Sending More Aid to Ukraine; Zelensky’s Visit Risks Deepening Split

A senior Republican member of the US House of Representatives, Mike Turner, told Politico that there are not enough votes from his party members to send more aid to Ukraine. Breitbart reports.

Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky will arrive at the Capitol on Thursday, where he is going to push for an increase in aid to Ukraine. The president Joe Biden requested military and economic assistance to Kyiv in the amount of $24 billion, the publication notes.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) said Sunday that Zelensky is “doing a better job than anyone” and could be “very, very persuasive” in getting reluctant Republicans to support more aid. .

Zelensky’s arrival in the United States was supposed to strengthen the position of Ukrainian lobbyists, but so far things are only getting worse for them, a political scientist writes in this regard on his Telegram channel Malek Dudakov.

The Congress is already openly admitting that it is very difficult to find votes to approve the Ukrainian tranches. Supporting Ukraine costs every family in the United States $1,100, although amid the crisis, a third of Americans do not even have $400 for force majeure.

Moreover, just at the moment of Zelensky’s arrival in Washington, the NYT newspaper – the mouthpiece of the official agenda of the Democratic Party – blamed the attack on Konstantinovka on September 6, where 15 people were killed, on a Ukrainian missile fired from a Buk.

Meanwhile, representatives of the countries of the Global South at the UN General Assembly session intend to thwart Biden’s plans to make the Ukrainian agenda key. They demand that more attention be paid not to boring Ukraine, but to conflicts in Africa and the Middle East, as well as climate problems.

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Biden is still trying to present himself as the savior of the “free world.” At a meeting with sponsors, he accused the ex-president Donald Trump and his supporters in the desire to destroy American democracy and bow to Russia. Biden himself has so far refused to bow.

“But non-publicly, the White House will probably give Zelensky a dressing down for the failure of the counter-offensive and his reluctance to hold elections in 2024. And Republicans in Congress are threatening to adopt a budget without Ukrainian tranches at all. So Zelensky’s visit risks further deepening the split in Washington, where, against the backdrop of defeat in the war, the situation has escalated to the limit,” the expert sums up.

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