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US raises wages to tackle labor shortage

In the USA, the economic recovery is here, but the workforce is lacking. Salary increases are planned to remedy this.

This is an unexpected double effect of the economic recovery: the labor shortage is glaring in the United States and wages are increasing as a result. Because to attract candidates, several large companies have understood that it is necessary to offer more attractive salaries than before the crisis. The flagship brands such as Amazon, McDonald’s and other Starbucks among others have increased the usual hourly rate by 10%, 20% or even 50% in many cases.

The lack of manpower actually concerns all sectors of the economy in the USA: catering but also hotels, online sales, transport, logistics, etc.

During the first half of 2020, the United States destroyed 8.5 million jobs, and several categories of Americans have since permanently left the labor market, like some women who have had to give up their occupation. professional to take care of their children. More than six months later, these workers have not returned to the labor market and it now seems difficult to get them to do so without promising them better wages.

This situation is not unique in the world because in France also, several markets are under tension. The hotel and catering industry is particularly tense because, as a result of the epidemic, more than 100,000 employees have left their posts without intending to return to them. Professionals in the sector are already worried about the coming season.

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