US opioid epidemic with 400,000 deaths – what has Trump achieved?


Gary is unemployed, homeless, drug addicted. For 26 years. While others go to work, Gary takes pills. For breakfast. One morning in spring 2017, he doesn’t have one on hand. The result: pain. Again. But something is different this time. Gary soon no longer feels his legs. The intensity increases. It has never been so bad. Gary can no longer. Do not want anymore. Then he makes the best decision of his life: he picks up the phone.

Morgantown, West Virginia, USA, almost three years later: Gary smiles. He is wearing a hat, black sweater, blue jeans. Only the limping walk reminds of its past. “I called here back then,” says Gary, pointing to the West Virginia University hospital entrance. «I cried, I couldn’t speak properly. I pleaded. The woman understood me. I told her I had to go into this withdrawal program. Immediately.”

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