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US asks Honduras for extradition of a Honduran on drug charges

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

U.S asked Honduras for extradition of a Honduran accused of drug trafficking, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Central American country reported on Wednesday.

The spokesman for the Honduran Supreme Court, Melvin Duarte, confirmed to journalists that the new request was sent by a federal court of the United States and was already received by the judiciary.

Duarte did not specify the name of this person, but said that the full magistrates will meet next week to designate the judge who will know the extradition request.

The judiciary received last January two more requests of extradition of two people involved in various crimes.

The authorities of Honduras they requested the extradition of the national at the beginning of January to Colombia Juan Ramón Matta Waldurraga, who traveled to that country after serving two years in prison in the United States for drug trafficking.

Matta Waldurraga is the son of Juan Ramón Matta Ballesteros, who was captured in Tegucigalpa in April 1988 by members of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and was taken to the United States, where in January 1990 he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Since 2014 the Tegucigalpa authorities have extradited to 23 Hondurans to the United States, accused of introducing drugs or money laundering in that country.

A constitutional reform approved in 2012 enabled the extradition of Hondurans at the request of other countries.

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