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Uprooted trees, torn roofs and 70,000 households without electricity. Storms hit the Czech Republic

E.ON registers 36 faults on high voltage lines. As of 9 pm, there were around 70,000 households without electricity, company spokeswoman Martina Slavíková said. The biggest problems are in the Zlín region, where 27,000 households have found themselves without electricity, while in the Uherské Hradiště region alone it is 20,000. Disorders persist in the Kroměříž and Otrokovice regions.

The storm will also cause damage in the south of Moravia, where there are 19,000 households without electricity. In the Hodonín region alone, there are 15,000 households.

“In the Vysočina region and in southern Bohemia, we managed to repair most of the faults. Only hundreds of households are left without electricity, ”said Slavíková.

The firefighters did not stop

Firefighters in the South Moravian Region were busy. They have over a hundred exits in two hours. They drove mainly because of fallen trees, torn power lines or loose roofing.

Events began to increase after 19:00. “We have about a hundred before 21:00. 80 percent of them are fallen trees, but we are also dealing with dangerous conditions in the form of loose roofing and the like, “said Jan Dvořák, a spokesman for firefighters.

In the south of Bohemia, firefighters had about fifty exits in the early evening. In Malšice in the Tábor region, a strong wind loosened the tin roof. No one was injured, said Vendula Matějů, a spokeswoman for the South Bohemian fire brigade.

The biggest attack was recorded by firefighters from 17:30 to 20:30. “These were fallen trees, we did not solve any water pumping,” said a spokeswoman. She added that firefighters had the most interventions in the Tábor, Jindřichův Hradec and Strakonice regions.

The consequences of the storm probably damaged the traction lines on the railway, on the České Budějovice – Strakonice line. Due to this, there is an alternative bus service between Číčenice and Protivín. The problem should be solved during the evening.

In the Vysočina region, firefighters cleared trees in dozens of places in storms. According to the information they published on the website, they had over a hundred trips within two hours of 6:00 pm, intervening in all parts of the region. According to České dráhy, the fallen tree has stopped traffic on the railway between Světlá nad Sázavou and Ledčí nad Sázavou, and there are power outages on the line between Havlíčkův Brod and Tišnov.

Firefighters have uprooted trees, for example, in Jimramov or Milovy u Sněžného in the Žďár region, Havlíčkův Borová, Světlá nad Sázavou or Trnava in the Třebíč region.

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