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BRENTWOOD – Deadly uppercut damage Alexander Povetkin when knocked down Dillian Whyte in the fifth round as powerful as bogeman Mike Tyson when young. Povetkin’s explosive win that saw Whyte sprawl after being hit by Povetkin’s left uppercut made world boxing fans amazed.

Former Explorer Class champion Denis Lebedev, himself a top fighter and a champion when many considered him old, was deeply impressed by Povetkin’s victory. As compatriots, Lebedev and Povetkin, apart from being their compatriots, were both under the Sauerland Event and World of Boxing.

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“This is what the Heavyweight division is famous for. It seemed everything had come to a conclusion beforehand, but no, not in this case, not today. Bam and that’s it …. an extravaganza – a beautiful knockout. Perhaps, we can say that Alexander’s hitting is the style of young Mike Tyson. It’s a cool shot, all done in the boxing style – the bottom to the chin. It’s a Soviet Union boxing school style. ”

“There is only one opinion about this fight (between Whyte and Povetkin) – it’s just the beauty of boxing,” Lebedev told Oleg Bogatov. “The year isn’t over yet, but I think it will be one of the most devastating knockouts [2020].”

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Saturday (22/8/2020) last night at the Matchroom Fight Camp in Brentwood, England, Povetkin won the interim belt Heavyweight boxing WBC after knocking out Dillian Whyte in the fifth round. Whyte was very much in control of the fight and knocked Povetkin down twice in the fourth round – when Povetkin hit one left to take Whyte coldly in round five.

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