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Updates and Key Changes in iOS 17 Beta 8: What to Expect in the Latest Update

As “Mr. Crazy” previously said, Apple will release the iOS 17 Beta 8 test version again this week, and will launch the iOS 17 RC version in the first week of September. The invitation letter will confirm that the 2023 iPhone 15 new product launch event will be held on September 12 (September 13, Taiwan time). If there are no major surprises, the RC update next week can be regarded as the official version of iOS 17.

Similarly, this article will sort out the new features and key changes of the iOS 17 Developer Beta 8 beta, so that you can fully understand what new adjustments are worth noting in the iOS 17 beta update.

Summary of iOS 17 Beta 8 Updates (iOS 17 Developer Beta8)

1. Fine-tuning of mental health and emotion tracking animation

Since iOS 17 Beta 7 adjusted for mental health animations, iOS 17 Beta 8 made fine-tuning for mental health emotional animations again.

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2. The automatic detection of Apple offline maps has been removed

In the previous iOS 17 Beta test versions, when you can plan a route through iOS 17 Apple Maps, if the destination mobile network signal is poor, it will automatically display the “Offline Map” downloaded in advance, but in iOS 17 Beta 8, it will automatically detect The function of measuring offline maps has been removed.

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3. CarPlay Music Simulcast Sharing Invitation

The new version of iOS 17 Beta 8 is also adjusted for the CarPlay music simulcasting and sharing function. After the CarPlay Apple Music simulcasting and sharing can be turned on in the car, friends in the same car can join by scanning. This time, the screen will also pop up The connection prompt, along with the lock screen will display the joining reminder.

4. Apple TV+ TV Feature Tips

After opening the TV App in iOS 17 Beta 8, the new prompt function of watching Apple TV+ on TV will pop up, and the top will also show that it can support multimedia players and TV brands, whether it is Samsung, LG, SONY, Apple TV 4K and Android TV Multimedia player box can support.

5. Amendments to the Apple Developer Program License Agreement

Apple sent a letter to all developers explaining the amendment to the Apple Developer Program License Agreement, and also mentioned the upcoming new features and update policies. It is expected that this letter will also hint in advance that new features of iOS 17 will come soon.

6. Fixed a lot of bugs

Last week, Mr. Crazy discovered from Apple’s official iOS 17 Beta 7 update that there are still a lot of bugs that have not been resolved. This time, iOS 17 Beta 8 has solved a lot of bugs. In contrast, Beta 8 has fewer bugs than Beta 7. Moreover, the stability and fluency of the system and new functions have also been greatly improved, and the problem of iPhone overheating has also been significantly improved.

The last beta of iOS 17 Beta 8? When will the official version of iOS 17 be released?

Judging from the current timing of Apple’s autumn conference, it has been confirmed that the iOS 17 RC version will be launched until September 6, and the iOS 17 will be released for the public until September 13, Taiwan time, after the iPhone 15 conference is over. The official version is updated.


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