Parent company of Facebook sued in Kenya

Workers from Sama, a former local content moderator of Facebook, a subsidiary of Meta, have been authorized to attack the group in Kenya. They launched the procedure yesterday Monday, March 20.

Forty employees (forty-three in total) of the company Sama, the former Facebook content moderator, are attacking Meta and two subcontracting companies for illegal dismissal. The information was communicated on March 20. The 43 workers say they lost their jobs for creating a union to defend their interests.

They also claim to have been blacklisted at Majorel, Facebook’s new local content moderation contractor, who was instructed not to hire them.

Last February, Meta appealed in Kenya against a decision that gave Kenyan courts jurisdiction over another lawsuit. The fact that the 43 workers announce the start of the lawsuit implies that this appeal has been rejected. Findings from the proceedings could change how Meta works with content moderators in the region. Until then, subcontractors were held solely responsible for the processing suffered by moderators.

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