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Update: Story and Ewjerkz in SAW’s crosshairs

SAW will be interested in João”story“Vieira and Michel”ewjerkz” Pinto, duo from For The Win, according to information gathered by Fraglíder.

to equip of MUTiRiS could advance to a quintet of Portuguese players, after two and a half years with Omar”archive“Chakkor and Renato”state” Gonçalves in the main lineup.

In an interview with Fraglíder, the captain of SAW showed a preference for Portuguese players, to facilitate communication within the game, ruling out any possibilities of integrating international players.

The same commented that there was already a list of potential candidates for the project, but the signings would always be pending the contractual situations of each player.

The possible entry of story marks the return to a home that he already represented in the second half of 2021while the young ewjerkz will be able to wear the shirt of the Portuguese organization for the first time, after stints at FTW, Rhyno and Equinox.

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This duo of players was part of a team that made history in the first half of 2022, by winning the ESL Masters Spain 11, Master League Portugal 9 and ensured qualification for the ESL Pro League group stage, something never before conquered by a Portuguese team.

These two players too dethroned SAW from the top spot in the regional rankingsfor the first time in 30 months.

If the entry of the FTW duo is confirmed, the SAW will be composed of:

Ricardo “Rmn” Oliveira
Christopher “MUTiRiS” Fernandes
Tiago “JUST” Moura
João “story” Vieira
Michel Ewjerkz Pinto

Omar “Arki” Chakkor (Coach)
Daniel “NABOWOW” Brito (Analyst)

SAW and FTW still have one test ahead of them in early July, the final phase of the OMEN WGR Retake 4. The last finalists will be determined through TAKE 3which happens this week.

Update 06/28/2022 19:10

A RTP Arena advances with the information that there may already be an agreement between SAW and For The Win for the transfer of the duo ewjerkz e storybut there is one more novelty. Arki will remain at SAW, but taking on a new role within the team, as a coach.

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