1,356 Livestock in Cirebon Regency Infected with Mouth and Nail Disease

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, CIREBON- 1,356 tails livestock from Cirebon RegencyWest Java, infected with mouth and nail disease (PMK).

Of these, 1,168 are dairy cattle and beef cattle.

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“The total number of beef cattle infected with FMD reached 1,143 heads and 25” dairy cowssaid the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture Cirebon RegencyEncus Suswaningsih, Wednesday (29/6/2022).

He says, besides dairy cows and beef cattle, cases of FMD were also found in 178 buffalo and 10 sheep in Cirebon Regency.

He admitted that the spread of FMD between livestock was very fast, although it was not zoonotic or transmitted to humans.

In mid-June 2022, cases of FMD in Cirebon Regency infected 899 cows and buffalo, but now there have been 1,356 cases.

“Now the cases are not only found in cattle and buffalo, but also in sheep that have contracted FMD,” said Encus Suswaningsih.

In fact, the distribution of PMK cases, which previously existed in 17 sub-districts, has now expanded to 22 sub-districts throughout Cirebon Regency.

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He said that thousands of cattle infected with FMD were still being treated intensively and given medicine and vitamins on a regular basis.

“Veterinary doctors from three Puskeswan in Cirebon Regency continue to go around each farm to monitor their condition,” said Encus Suswaningsih.

Author: Ahmad Imam Baehaqi

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