Unusual delivery frames of a huge Redmi TV hit the network


In April, Xiaomi released a line of new TVs under the Redmi brand – Smart TV Max 98 – the main feature of which, as the name implies, is a huge 98-inch display. Such dimensions led to certain difficulties when trying to bring the device into your home.

Just look how huge the Redmi Max box is. Photo: @xiaomishka / Twitter

Insider Xiaomishka on Twitter posted photos of the Redmi Max delivery process home to one of the buyers. To bring the TV into his apartment, I had to use a crane. It is noted that Xiaomi itself cares so much about its customers.

Photo: @xiaomishka / Twitter

Redmi Smart TV Max 98 has a length of 1.2 meters, which is comparable to a table tennis table. Especially for this model, the manufacturer has developed a custom processor that simultaneously controls 192 zones of dynamic backlighting and a number of technologies for improving image quality – this provides a good picture on such a large screen.

By the way, the TV needs not only special delivery conditions. A unique factory was opened for the production of Redmi Max 98, the area of ​​which is 10 times larger than for the production of conventional TVs. In addition, not a single person works there. We talked about the production of Redmi Max in this material.

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