“Unplugging Chargers to Save Money? Debunking the Myth of Socket Power Consumption”

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How much does it cost to always keep all the chargers of the various devices connected to the socket? We have the answer to the question

We all ask ourselves a bit in this period with the increases in the bill how much is spent on keeping all the chargers of the electronic devices that we use plugged into the electrical outlet.

Let’s dispel this myth of consumption, keeping things attached to the sockets will not make us poor. In the last year, everyone has tried to give as much advice as possible to save themselves from the excessive price of bills.

Indeed, we have had staggering price increases and many fathers of families have had to apply many restrictions to their spending to make ends meet.

What to cut to reduce expenses and why it makes no sense to disconnect the sockets from the switch

Among the cuts first of all the dryers, secondly also the oven and too many hours of hair dryer. The main problem lies in the stagnation of salaries: the price of everything increases but money loses purchasing power. In this way, in just over a few months, families found themselves lower down the social ladder.

Having reached this crisis point, everyone has rolled up their sleeves to cut as much as possible from their monthly expenses. Among the recommendations is also that of turning off the lights on the devices and unplugging the devices from the sockets, but is it really a saving method?

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Do you really save money by unplugging the chargers for electrical devices from the sockets? How to estimate what you spend

We have the answer to the question and no, there is no real and concrete saving, for this reason it is also useless to include it among the methods for saving, but judge the consumption for yourself. To calculate the cost, just do this quick calculation. The price of energy per kWh multiplied by the consumption of a charger that is plugged in 24 hours a day. We end up with an annual consumption of about 1.1 euros per year.

Of course, multiplied by all the chargers of the devices, the price will increase, but it cannot be said that consumption is to be taken into consideration even when we are talking about 5-10 total devices. However, if you want to extinguish the root of the problem, just buy the power strips with switches: in this way it will be enough to switch off all the sockets with a single button without effort. However, if you don’t see great savings on your bill, we told you that it was a negligible price.

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