Unmasking the Hypocrisy: Zhou Enlai’s Lavish Lifestyle and CCP Propaganda

Unmasking the Hypocrisy: Zhou Enlai’s Lavish Lifestyle and CCP Propaganda

Even in the most difficult era of the Anti-Japanese War and the tight front line, Zhou Enlai still sang and drank every night. (Internet picture) Looking at Chinese websites, it is prohibited to establish mirror websites. Return to the genuine Chinese website.

even inAnti-Japanese WarThe most difficult and tight times on the front line,Zhou EnlaiStill misappropriating it in ChongqingCommunist Party of ChinaThe Eighth Route Army’s military expenditures allocated by the central government were spent night after night singing and drinking. once,Wu FaxianI went to look for Zhou Enlai in the middle of the night and found awaitressWorking for him… See that mirror websites are prohibited on Chinese websites. Return to the genuine Chinese website.

The CCP’s false propaganda creates a “great, honorable, and upright” image of its leaders

As we all know, the CCP has long relied on false propaganda and the castration and falsification of history to create a “great, honorable, and upright” image of its leaders.

In recent years, many truths about China’s contemporary history have gradually surfaced, and the hypocritical true face of Zhou Enlai, a so-called “moral model” shaped by the CCP’s propaganda machine, has gradually been exposed. A well-known mainland blogger once quoted the memories of Wu Faxian, the former commander of the Chinese Communist Air Force, and others in his blog post, revealing the historical truth of Zhou Enlai’s false innocence and extravagance.

Some scholars within the CCP system once said that the continuous revelation of Zhou Enlai’s true face means that “the last moral sign of the CCP” has collapsed.

Wu Faxian asked Zhou Enlai’s waitress to “cut his nails” in the middle of the night

Overseas media once published a blog post by well-known blogger Shao Sanbai on November 1, 2013, exposing Zhou Enlai’s mask. In this blog post titled “Zhou Enlai: Behind the Becoming of a Great Man”, Shao Sanbai said that major leaders like Mao and Zhou who caused a country to “go in the wrong direction” and caused huge disasters to the country were actually still banned. It is an incredible thing for future generations to “regard him as a saint”. False propaganda concocted by the CCP such as “Deng Yingchao mended Zhou Enlai’s pajamas” deceived “the favor of a large number of ordinary people who did not know the truth” and made people ignore that he “as the prime minister of a huge country” and under his leadership Next, do people still have the problem of “not having enough to eat and not having enough clothes to cover their bodies”?

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The article quoted the memories of Wu Faxian, a former member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Air Force Commander, who revealed: Once, Wu Faxian went to see Zhou Enlai in the middle of the night and found a waitress “cutting Zhou Enlai’s nails.”

The article stated that Zhou also owned a very beautiful special train back then. According to Ding Sheng, the former commander of the Guangzhou Military Region and Nanjing Military Region, he recalled that the Guangzhou Military Region built big houses for Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and others, and Zhou was very happy after living there. . In 1970, the Chinese Communist authorities also renovated a villa owned by Zhou in the old embassy area. It’s just that the CCP doesn’t allow people to mention these things, so they are unknown.

Shao Sanbai said in a blog post that in order to protect Zhou’s image, the CCP reversed history and even described Zhou Enlai, a “fellow traveler of the Cultural Revolution faction” and even a “middle force of the Cultural Revolution faction” as “passively involved in the Cultural Revolution against his will.” ; Let Zhou, who cold-bloodedly murder his colleagues, “use his posture of protecting cadres to deceive the world and steal his reputation.” But the “glorious image” created in this way is pale and cannot stand the test of history.

Zhou Enlai was extravagant and paid for nightly concerts in Chongqing

In fact, in recent years, more and more reminiscence articles written by historical elders have exposed Zhou Enlai’s true face of extravagant and extravagant life.

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The mainland magazine “Yanhuang Chunqiu” published “Liu Ying Talks about People and Things in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs” written by He Fang in the 11th issue of 2014. In this article, Liu Ying, the widow of CCP veteran Zhang Wentian, recalled that when Zhang Wentian was engaged in diplomatic work, she complained to Chen Yi that when Zhou Enlai was also Minister of Foreign Affairs, he often did not get up until lunch. Those division secretaries who queue up every day to wait for Zhou’s approval of documents are not just one or a few people who have objections to Zhou’s style. A secretary once complained to Zhang Wentian: “I am so busy that it hasn’t been my turn for an hour, and he (referring to Zhou Enlai) can’t leave unless he approves of me. We have to wait for him to get up and eat.”

Liu Ying said that Zhang Wentian objected to eating and drinking and demanded that the banquet be simple, which was in conflict with Zhou Enlai. Zhou Enlai wanted to be dignified, eat well, eat shark fins and sea cucumbers, and have Maotai at every banquet.

Issue 7 of 2013 of the Chinese Communist Party’s official media “National Humanities and History” also exposed Zhou Enlai’s lavish banquet with his classmates in Hankou in 1938.

It is said that in 1938, when Wu Guozhen was the mayor of Hankou, he met Zhou Enlai, his classmate and friend from Nankai Middle School, in Hankou and spent 16 yuan to entertain Zhou Enlai at home. Later, when Zhou Enlai invited him back, he ordered the best food and wine in Hankou at that time. A table costs 36 yuan, and with good flower carvings, it costs about 50 yuan. At that time, someone present asked Zhou in confusion, “How much is your salary?” Zhou Enlai replied, “5 yuan.” Everyone present was surprised: How could he afford such an expensive banquet? Zhou smiled and said that the organization paid for the meal. According to the article’s recollection, Zhou Enlai was wearing a satin fox fur robe at that time. Faced with doubts, Zhou Enlai said that the organization provided everything he needed.

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A new book by Hong Kong Culture and Arts Publishing House, “Zhou Enlai Behind the Mask,” quoted insiders who revealed that even during the most difficult years of the Anti-Japanese War and tight front lines, Zhou Enlai still misappropriated the Eighth Route Army military expenditures allocated by the central government to play, sing, and drink every night in Chongqing.

Taking off the hypocritical mask of “moral model”, this is Zhou Enlai’s “true face”.

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