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Unlocking the Ultima Eikon: Secret Features in Final Fantasy 16 The Rising Tide Revealed

How to get the secret Eikon Among the features included in Final Fantasy 16 The Rising Tide is the additional water icon Leviathan Ikon, but it turns out that there is a second new icon and a set of moves in the Rising Tide – Ultima. But how do you unlock this new, semi-secret code? We will tell you about that below

How to get the secret Eikon in Final Fantasy 16 The Rising Tide

The first thing you need to do to get Ultima Eikon is to complete The Rising Tide main story by defeating Leviathan. After doing that, a mission will appear to investigate the Arte Stone in Hideaway, and discover the reason for its mysterious and ominous glow After you interact with the Arte Stone, a video will appear after you Ultima’s special abilities get You will then have a short battle where you can test these abilities. Now that you have Ultima abilities, can you use them effectively? Her main ability is the famous “Leave” feature (the ability associated with the circle button). This allows Clive to create wings for you and fly across the battlefield, completely changing your basic attacks. While in climb mode.

Your melee attack will have a large range and your area attack will be very fast and powerful. Best of all, unlike many other premium features, Ascension mode has no limit so you can fly to your heart’s content As for the famous Ultima abilities you should equip, I give advise you to choose Ultimate Demise, which is very effective. attack to eliminate All the enemies on the screen, and the Voice of God, which helps you summon a pillar of energy around you, which not only deals massive damage to enemies but also makes you in- credible when active. The other two abilities of Ultima, Dominion and Proselytize, are good, especially if you want something with a faster resolution, but they are not as effective as the previous ones.

Ultima seems to be popular among many players, as it deals a lot of damage while being very easy to use.

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