“Unlock the 6 Magic Keys to Burning Fat Quickly Without Starving”

Some people want to lose extra pounds from their bodies, but they hate the idea of ​​spending several months in a state of starvation, during which they deprive themselves of their favorite dishes.

But can a person burn excess fat in his body, and at the same time, eat as much food as he likes?

The short answer is “yes,” says diet expert Sarah Buckhart to the British newspaper, The Sun.

The key factor in losing weight away from severe restrictions, says Buckhart, is understanding how dieting works.

And she pointed out that thanks to the advertising campaigns of the diet companies, which she described as “fad”, most of us believe that fat loss is a result of restrictions on our food and even starvation.

The good news, she said, is that “it’s not true.”

She explained that achieving weight loss is due to only one thing, which is to create a calorie deficit, in other words: we have to consume fewer calories than we consume daily.

Once a person understands the daily balance of their diet, they can adjust it to their lifestyle without starving.

What are the practical steps to reach this stage?

  • move more: Physical movement is the crucial component of burning fat.

The nutritionist says that the first thing most people do when they want to burn fat is to stop eating a lot of food or give up groups of it, which usually leads to hunger and eventually giving up the whole idea.

Movement is the best friend of a person who wants to burn fat, and it is not only burned in the gym, but every physical activity throughout the day consumes part of the calories, which later become fat stored in the body.

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She indicates that sitting and refraining from performing any movement leads to burning fewer calories, but a little movement can contribute to burning them, such as movement at least once an hour.

  • eat more: Instead of eating less to burn fat, experts believe eating more will help burn fat.

Maintaining a healthy nutritional balance is very important, but there is no single way to achieve this goal. For example, it is good for the diet to include a variety of foods that ensure that the body is provided with all the nutrients it needs to function.

Experts advise, in the event that a person wants to burn fat without being restricted by the quantities he eats, to diversify foods, to include a wide range of vegetables and fruits, as a diversified diet affects the gut microbiome (the live bacteria that live in the intestine).

These organisms play a major role in maintaining weight by absorbing and digesting nutrients.

In addition to vegetables and fruits, it is recommended to eat nuts and whole grains.

  • Double the amount of fiber: Increasing the amount of fiber a person eats will give him a feeling of satiety for a longer period, and reduce the possibility of weight gain.

Examples of these fibers are whole grains, legumes, and proteins. Fiber also aids digestion and prevents constipation and bloating.

  • sleep more Sleeping at night is also an aid in burning fat without going to the starvation option.

What is meant here is a healthy sleep of 7 hours or more, as it helps a person start his day with higher energy levels.

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And remember, the fewer hours a day has, the more tired a person is, whether they feel it or not, and this leads to moving less and eating more.

  • Moisture retention: Water is very important to the human body, as it helps its systems work effectively, such as regulating temperatures and purifying the body from toxins.

It is also important for the diet, as it helps to absorb nutrients from the food we eat, which gives a feeling of satiety.

Research shows that drinking more water can lead to greater weight loss, while dehydration may hinder this process because it may lead to fatigue, which in turn leads to eating unhealthy food full of calories, such as fast food.

  • Regular exercises: In addition to general movement, vigorous exercise can be beneficial in reducing the calories consumed by the body.

It is recommended to practice sports activities, including: walking, jogging, cycling and weightlifting.

Increasing the heart rate for long periods requires the body to consume more calories, which helps the person achieve a calorie deficit, and this is achieved through exercise.

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