University of Indonesia Student Allegedly Harassed by Junior High School Student

University of Indonesia Student Allegedly Harassed by Junior High School Student


One person University of Indonesia students (UI) with the initials F (18) is suspected of being a victim of sexual harassment by a junior high school student with the initials M (14). That case ended peacefully after mediation between the two parties.

“Both parties agreed to a compromise, because from the start the UI student asked for mediation and learning so that it would not happen again to the perpetrator’s parents and the school,” said Depok Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head Commissioner Hadi Kristanto when asked for confirmation, Wednesday (27/9 /2023).

Hadi said the incident occurred on Tuesday (26/9) at 06.00 WIB around Lake UI. He said F was running in the morning. Then, M passed by that location.

“The victim suspected that someone wanted to pickpocket. Finally, the victim secured his cell phone to the front, because he felt something was wrong. He (the victim) ran towards the Hall,” said Hadi.

He said F felt there was something holding the back of his body. The security guard who heard F’s screams then secured M.

“The UI student suddenly felt someone holding her back. Then the victim screamed for help and was detained by campus security guards,” he explained.

The victim then screamed. Until finally the perpetrator M was arrested by campus security guards.

See also the video ‘Nadin Amizah opens voice about alleged harassment during concert in Bandung’:


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