Universities Coordination 2022.. What is the regional admission and which colleges are subject to it?

Prepared the media center for the Ministry of Higher Education Headed by Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, Media Adviser and Official Spokesperson for the Ministry of Higher Education, Q and A about all the questions that high school students have, including what is regional admission and what are the colleges that are subject to it?

• Regional admission is that admission to some colleges and institutes is restricted to students who have obtained a high school diploma from the educational region in which these colleges and institutes are located.

• Regional admission is valid only for the faculties of Education and Nursing in its various branches.

The first stage of coordination will start on Thursday, August 11, through the electronic coordination website, with a minimum for the scientific division: 365 degrees or more, or 89.02% or more.

Number of students: 22475

• Engineering Division: 341 degrees or more, or 83.17% or more.

Number of students: 15220

• Literary Division: 264.5 degrees or more, or 64.51% or more

Number of students: 80063

• Total number of students: 117,758

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