Abu Dhabi Customs thwart attempt to traffic 2kg of cocaine

A woman who tried to smuggle drugs by making a secret compartment in her bag was arrested at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. They were in possession of 2051 grams of cocaine. The woman was caught when the customs officials, who were suspicious of the bag, carried out a detailed inspection.

At the check point at the terminal of the Abu Dhabi airport, customs officials became suspicious of a young woman’s luggage. The customs officials then opened the bag and found that there was a secret compartment inside the inner lining of the bag. It was set to be professionally stitched. When it was opened, four plastic bags were found inside. All these were secured by wrapping with transparent tape.

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The white powder obtained from the plastic bag was tested and found to be cocaine. The four packets contained a total of 2,051 grams of the drug. Authorities informed that the woman’s arrest was recorded and drugs were seized.

Story Highlights: Abu Dhabi Customs thwart attempt to traffic 2kg of cocaine

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