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United Kingdom : a device is “potentially life saving” developed to cure the coronavirus at home

British scientists from the University of Southampton have created an inhaler ” potentially life saving “, which is used as treatment against the Covid-19 at home. His trials are currently being conducted at the national level.

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The device is loaded with an experimental drug, SNG-001 in the form of vapour which is inhaled deeply into the lungs. The SNG-001 is composed of a protein called interferon beta that is produced by the body during a viral infection. The drug is supposed to help the immune system fight the infection.

The inhaler is likely to prevent patients from entering a phase of rapid deterioration of their condition, when they develop breathing problems.

In the context of these trials, the patients begin to use the inhaler for up to 72 hours after the onset of the first symptoms of the Covid-19. This early treatment could prevent severe complications, hospitalizations and death, ” said professor Nick Francis, as quoted by the portal.

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After I started the trial last may, the researchers say they will publish the results as soon as at least 120 people will be treated.

Fault of medicine that would be effective against the coronavirus, a number of countries are conducting research on the vaccine. In vivo tests have already been launched in China, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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