Unite in safeguarding the glorious Zigong River: “World Water Day” and “China Water Week” advocacy events conducted – People’s Daily Online

March 22 is the 31st “World Water Day”, and March 22-28 is the 36th “China Water Week”. On the morning of the 22nd, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau held the “World Water Day”, “China Water Week” and the “Seven Advances” promotional activities of the river and lake chief system in the Yantan District Party Committee Square around the theme of “strengthening water control according to the law and working together to protect the mother river”.

At the event site, the propagandists distributed relevant promotional materials focusing on river and lake ecological environment protection, groundwater conservation and protection, water-saving laws and regulations, and water-saving common sense, and gave detailed explanations to the public. At the same time, through on-site sharing by representatives of civil river chiefs, promotional videos, three-and-a-half-sentence performances, allegro performances, and interactive quizzes with prizes, etc., publicize water-saving knowledge and the work of the river and lake chief system, and call on more people to work together to protect the river. mother river.

On the same day, the district and county water affairs departments also carried out water-saving publicity and mobilization activities by posting posters, setting up publicity display boards, and performing arts.

It is understood that in recent years, the city has taken the river and lake chief system as the starting point to implement six major tasks of water resource protection, water area shoreline management and protection, water pollution prevention and control, water environment treatment, water ecological restoration, and water administrative law enforcement and supervision. Promote the five actions of “clearing rivers, revetment, water purification, water conservation, and fishing ban”, and promote the whole society to work together to protect the mother river. At present, the quality of the city’s water environment has been continuously improved. In 2022, the water quality of the 10 national and provincial control sections will all meet the standards for the first time, reaching Class III and above. The city’s rivers and lakes have taken on a new look. The beautiful water environment of the Fuxi River with fish flying in the shallow bottom, clear water and green banks, and flocks of egrets is gradually restored, and the people’s sense of happiness that they are suitable for work and living is constantly increasing.

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(Zigong.com reporter Zhou Jia)

Source: Zigong Net

(Editors in charge: Luo Yu, Xue Yujian)

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