Understanding the Link Between Atopic Eczema and Ocular Surface Disease: Research Findings from Roselie Achten’s PhD Dissertation

Up to 90% of patients with moderate to severe atopic eczema (CE) have an eye condition. This is evident from the dissertation of Roselie Achten, who recently received her PhD from Utrecht University.

Patients with CE often also have other complaints such as asthma, allergic rhinitis or food allergy. And therefore also eye disorders, ocular surface disease (OSD), are common in moderate to severe CE.

During her PhD research, Roselie Achten investigated the clinical characteristics, risk factors and disease mechanism of OSD. This showed that 90% of patients with moderate to severe CE already had OSD prior to treatment with dupilumab.

These patients had fewer goblet cells in the conjunctiva compared to healthy people. Achen and colleagues also found higher levels of biomarkers related to the severity of CE in the tear fluid of patients with moderate to severe OSD compared to patients without or with mild OSD.

During treatment with dupilumab, the function of these goblet cells decreased. Eyelid eczema was found to be associated with the development of OSD both before and during treatment with dupilumab. The researchers also discovered that dupilumab entered the eye because it was found in the tear fluid of CE patients treated with dupilumab.


UMC Utrecht

2023-11-28 20:34:11
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