They planted trees in Valledupar school

As part of its sustainability model and its continuous commitment to environmental responsibility, Gases del Caribe, in collaboration with the Milciades Cantillo Costa de Valledupar educational institution, planted native trees in the region.

In order to involve new generations in the care of biodiversity and beautify learning spaces, the company planted 38 specimens of Cañaguate and mango in said institution. Likewise, another 38 will be planted on November 29 at the Consuelo Araujo educational institution. Noguera for a total of 76 new trees for the city.

«This activity goes beyond planting trees; is to sow environmental awareness in young minds,” highlighted Alfonso Orozco, Manager of Gases del Caribe Cesar area. «Our commitment to caring for the environment and the air quality of Vallenatos is continuous. “This initiative is a tangible way to contribute to a more sustainable future.”

It should be noted that the species were selected for their ability to adapt to the local environment and for their significant environmental benefits.

The initiative has the legal support of Law 2173, which promotes ecological restoration through the planting of trees and the creation of forests in the national territory. In addition, it complies with Resolution 0215 of CORPOCESAR, which establishes technical criteria for planting, and Decree 01084 of 2023 of the Mayor’s Office of Valledupar, which regulates and promotes ecological restoration through living areas.

It is important to mention that this planting adds to the economic contribution that the company made for the acquisition of the buses of the Valledupar Integrated Transportation System. Vehicles that operate 100% on natural gas also contribute to optimal air quality and to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Valledupar.

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