Understanding Flu: Symptoms, Transmission, and Prevention | December 7, 2023 at 4:30 PM Social

December 7, 2023 at 4:30 PM Social

Flu. We notice it everywhere again… people coughing and spluttering. It is special that certain behavior is still present. Many people now cough or sneeze into their elbow.

What exactly is the flu? Flu is caused by a virus. That is a kind of very small protein ball with a small piece of hereditary material in it, called DNA. This virus can enter a body cell where it can multiply through techniques. If there are a lot of viruses in this body cell, the cell breaks down and new balls of virus are released, which then travel to new cells in our body. Fortunately, we have an immune system in our body, a kind of army of mechanisms that can ensure that these viruses are usually cleared up again. Some viruses also make you sicker than others. It can all cause slightly different symptoms, depending on the cells that the virus really likes. Many flu viruses like cells in our respiratory tract. They flourish there.

We respond to this with coughing and spluttering; we make snot and often get a little raise. These are all normal, although not pleasant reactions for us. However, these are very good reactions for the immune system. But we also spread the virus again by coughing and spluttering. We often still cough into our palm. Then there is a new virus on our hands. When we shake hands with others, we transmit the virus again. When we cough into the room, the virus travels on very small splashes of moisture and we transmit it again: to a new host, a new victim. During corona times we had fairly strict measures regarding coughing and coughing. Then we had to protect ourselves and others, especially the vulnerable among us, from the virus. The special thing about that time was that we hardly had any flu at all. So that virus was quite easy to control with some protective measures. Corona is now over. But flu is coming again! And even towards an epidemic form, which means that many people at work are sick or absent and therefore more work ends up on other shoulders.

Perhaps we can think back to the corona period, which we all certainly do not want to return, but as a lesson we could perhaps cough more into our elbow if we have the flu or a cold, and do not shake hands or hug. And above all, try to look out for each other, for the vulnerable people in our society. We wish you a very pleasant and beautiful period full of beautiful colors.

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