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Unboxing Review of Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3050 OC Low Profile 6G Graphics Card: Complete Functions and Impressive Performance at Great Value!

Do you want to add or upgrade an independent graphics card to your desktop computer without the powerful graphics performance of mid-to-high-end graphics cards? Are you looking for specifications with low power consumption and low noise? Come! This article will give you an unboxing review of the GeForce RTX 3050 OC Low Profile 6G graphics card launched by GIGABYTE Technology. It can be purchased for less than NT$6,000, but it has complete functions and impressive performance. It is said to be a great value!

Gigabyte’s GeForce RTX 3050 OC Low Profile 6G graphics card is a small but well-packed graphics card. It supports NVIDIA’s second-generation RTX Ampere architecture and uses professional RT cores, AI Tensor cores and fast GDDR6 graphics card memory. It has Excellent ray tracing drawing technology and DLSS advanced artificial intelligence functions! Therefore, it can be said to meet the needs of PC gamers and many people for image editing, basic 3D Render and CAD/CAM.

The length of the graphics card is only 18.1 cm, and the height is only 6.9 cm. With the included half-height graphics card bracket (Low Profile), it can be installed in various thin computer cases, so it is very suitable for players who like small computers or PC MOD. They choose.

Although this graphics card is cheap, the materials used are not ambiguous. It uses Gigabyte’s exclusive cooling system, which uses dual fans and high-efficiency copper heat pipes to directly contact the surface of the GPU, which can quickly guide the heat source to the cooling fins. We actually made it high During the load performance test, you can feel that the temperature of the graphics card is very “cool” because it also uses ULTRA DURABLE certified components, which can continue to provide stable performance output.

Since this graphics card has 4-screen output specifications and is configured with 2 DisplayPorts and 2 HDMI outputs, it will occupy two Slot spaces. However, it can meet the needs of multi-screen, high-definition applications and ultimate gaming performance. It is a rare configuration for a product with a graphics card at this price!

feature of product

  • New Ampere ArchitectureSM
  • Second generation RT core
  • Third generation TENSOR core
  • Using GeForce RTX 3050 graphics chip
  • Built-in 6GB GDDR6 96-bit memory
  • 181mm half-height card design
  • Supports up to 4 screen outputs simultaneously
  • Core clock: 1477 MHz (Reference Card: 1470 MHz)
  • CUDA Colors:2304
  • Memory clock: 14000 MHz
  • Memory capacity: 6 GB
  • Memory specifications: GDDR6
  • Bus: PCI-E 4.0
  • Maximum digital resolution: 7680×4320
  • DirectX support: 12 Ultimate
  • OpenGL support: 4.6
  • Recommended power supply: 300W (no power supply interface required)

The appearance of the packaging is as above ~ plus the OC icon means players can take a look!

There are some product specifications and features on the back~

Comes with Low Profile Bracket

Nicely designed decorative cover and two cooling fans~

The fan part adopts a diameter of 45mm, so you won’t feel too much wind noise when operating at high speed~

There are “big and spicy” GIGABYE and GeForce RTX words on the top of the graphics card ~ and you can also see a large area of ​​​​radiating fins ~

You can see two copper heat pipes extending from the side~

You can also directly see the internal heat dissipation fins at the bottom, as well as the heat conductors related to the GPU that generate high heat ~

I also took a photo of the back panel for everyone to see~

Looking at the densely packed electronic parts, they are basically full of materials. Gigabyte uses ultra-low resistance transistors to shorten the power switching time, complete the charging and discharging actions more quickly, and relatively reduce the heat generation.

The high-quality ferrous salt core inductor reduces power loss and effectively reduces electromagnetic interference to enhance system reliability. Compared with ordinary iron core inductors, ferrous salt core inductors can temporarily store more electrical energy! Ultra-low ESR solid capacitors can also ensure the operation quality of the graphics card, making it more stable and durable!

The display output part has 2 DisplayPorts and 2 HDMIs

Performance test:

Test platform information

Processor: Intel Core i9-14900K
Memory: Crucial DDR5 Pro 6000 MT/s
Processor cooling system: ROG Strix water cooling system (360mm)
Power supply: ASUS Strix 1000W
Operating system: WINDOWS 11 Professional Edition

Enter the device manager and you can see that the name of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 component appears on the graphics card ~

GPU-Z information is provided for your reference. You can see that using Hynix GDDR6 display memory, the GPU clock can be boosted up to 1477 MHz ~

In the Speed ​​Way test, the score came to 1091!

In Port Royal the score came to 2779 points

The score in Solar Bay reached 22436 points

Time Spy score reached 5407 points!

In the Fire Strike benchmark test, the score reached 11,460 points!

How does 3D modeling perform? Using the Mesh Shader test, it was found that the enabled function has 158.3 FPS, and the difference has been improved by 27.9% ~

In the DLSS 2 test, 36.55 FPS was obtained with 4K resolution turned on

In the Final Fantasy XV Bench. The score reaches 7300, and the performance is “Hight”; during the test, the game screen can also be felt to be very smooth, which means that you can play FF ​​XV with confidence under such specifications ~

How effective is such a platform system? Let us use the PCMARK10 basic test to tell you: What is the score? point!

GeekBench 6 also ran scores for your reference ~ Open CL score came to 53218 ~

Summary of usage experience

Simply put, Gigabyte’s GeForce RTX 3050 OC Low Profile 6G is a small and powerful graphics card! Its performance can be said to be of very high C/P quality. If you don’t have many graphics-related performance requirements, but don’t want to succumb to the performance of the processor’s built-in graphics core and the flexibility of multi-screen output, then This graphics card is really great!

In addition, it can also meet the needs of users with small computer cases, and can purchase a graphics card at a lower budget. It can be said to be an excellent component choice for “entry” desktop computers to improve system performance!

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