UN warns over half of Gaza’s population Starving – 9 out of 10 go without a meal.

World Food Program officials warn that More than half of the people in Gaza Facing a state of famine At the time the war showed no signs of ending.

Foreign news agencies reported that Mr. Karl Schau, Deputy Director of the United Nations World Food Cafe. Revealed on December 9, 2023 that now more than half the population in the Gaza Strip Facing famine, nine out of 10 Gazan families are going without enough to eat a single meal, and food supplies are struggling.

Since the war began on October 7, the Gaza Strip has been under siege on all sides. Only the Rafah checkpoint connecting it to Egypt remains open. and sending only limited quantities of food supplies into Gaza.

However, Mr. Scau stated that Food supplies sent into Gaza in the past It is only a fraction of the total demand. And the current situation in Gaza makes it nearly impossible for food supplies to be brought in.

“We have seen confusion at warehouses, food distribution points. where thousands of hungry citizens gathered together I saw that the supermarket had almost nothing on the shelves. and saw a temporary shelter with people crowded together with inadequate bathrooms,” Mr. Scau said, adding that in some areas nine out of 10 families go without food day and night.

People of Khan Yunis The largest city in southern Gaza. who is now surrounded by Israeli tanks, says the situation there is very dire. By Dr. Ahmed Mograbi, Chief Plastic Surgeon of Nasser Hospital in Khanyounis. told the BBC about the food shortages they were facing

“I have a 3-year-old daughter and she always asks me for sweets, apples or fruit. But I can’t find it for you. I felt helpless,” said Dr. Mograbi. “There is not enough food. There’s only rice and rice. Do you believe it? We only eat one meal a day.”

Israel still insists that They will continue airstrikes in Gaza. to eliminate Hamas and took the hostages home. Lieutenant General Richard Hecht, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), told the BBC that “any death and suffering What happened to the people is painful. But we have no other choice.”

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