This is the most powerful single-cylinder engine in the world

When it comes to single-cylinder engines in cars, they are most often very compact and economical models. Moreover, the same block format applied to a motorcycle can, on the contrary, be synonymous with very high performance. The best example is the most powerful single-cylinder engine in the world. Its author is the Italian company Ducati.

The engine debuted in the new motorcycle of this company – Hypermotard 698 Mono, for which they will ask from 15 thousand euros (almost 1.5 million rubles). The unit was created on the basis of a 2-cylinder engine, which is used in the 1299 Panigale sports bike.

The characteristics of a small but very powerful power plant are impressive. Displacement: 659 cc, compression: 13.1:1, cylinder diameter: 116 mm, piston stroke: 62.4 mm.

The engine uses 46.8mm titanium intake valves, 38.2mm steel exhaust valves, desmodromic distribution and dual countershaft balancing, and a magnesium alloy clutch.

The engine is capable of speeds of up to 10,250 rpm, and also produces 77.5 horsepower at 9,750 rpm and a torque of 63 Nm at 8,000 rpm.

These numbers are available with the stock exhaust system, but when combined with a racing exhaust they can be even higher – 84.5 horsepower at 9500 rpm and 67 Nm at 8000 rpm.

In order to maintain the engine in good technical condition, Ducati recommends changing its oil every 15 thousand km, as well as adjusting valve clearances every 30 thousand km.

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