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Ukrainian Officials Reject Nobel Peace Prize Nomination of Putin-Linked Businessman Ruben Vardanyan

Representatives of domestic politics are sure: a person who has relations with Putin has no place next to those who have won awards and historical figures like the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa or Henry Kissinger. They want the application of a politician and businessman known for his anti-Russian views to be rejected.

This is reported by 5 channels. The signatories consider the nomination for the award of a person involved in corruption scandals, a supporter of Russian aggression and an enemy of Ukraine, inappropriate and absurd. People’s representatives have reason to celebrate Ruben Vardanyan like this. In 2019, 22 members of the European Parliament began to be included in the sanctions list as a “collaborator of the Kremlin”.

In 2022, 46 members of the US Congress included Vardanyan on the draft list of sanctions, along with the Kremlin’s chief propagandist, Margarita Simonyan.

After that, by order of Vladimir Zelensky, Vardanyan was included in the sanctions lists of Ukraine with the wording: “Senior management of a systemically important Russian company involved in .. . supports actions that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.” In 2023, the SBU added Ruben Vardanyan to the “Peacemaker” database, noting that he subject to “immediate transfer to law enforcement agencies in Ukraine or NATO countries.”

“Today in the Peacemaker – tomorrow in the Absurd Nobel Prize nominees!”, wrote Vladimir Vatras, deputy leader from the Servant of the People party, on his personal Facebook page.

“Sometimes it seems to me that the world is going crazy. Last year, Don Don, this year Vardanyan, can you nominate Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The authors of the letter focus on the fact that the initiators of Vardanyan’s nomination were agents of Russian influence. The fact that this is an act to awaken the reputation of “Putin’s man”, who could compete with Pashinyan, is evidenced by the “launching” of the news into the information space by leading sources from Russian Federation – Sputnik and RBC. The owner of the latter, Grigory Berezkin, is also under sanctions from the EU, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

So far, the Nobel Committee has not responded to the letter from the Ukrainian parliamentarians.

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